McDonald’s - McDelivery
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McSaver 1+1 69THB
McSaver 1+1 49THB
Value Set 119THB
Fish & Fries
Snack Bucket Luffy*Limited Edition
Snack Bucket Chopper*Limited Edition
My Melody Food Tray
McTem-Im Set 1 Set
McTem-Im Set 2 Set
McTem-Im Set 3 Set
Cheesy Bacon (Chicken & Beef) Combo Set
Cheesy Bacon Beef Combo Set
Cheesy Bacon Spicy Chicken Combo Set
McFried Chicken Set 129
McFried Chicken Set 89
McFried Chicken Set 69
Cheeseburger (Beef)
McSpicy Chicken Burger
Double Filet-O-Fish
Samurai Pork Burger
Double Cheeseburger (Beef)
Chicky Cheese
Cheesy Bacon Beef Burger
Cheesy Bacon Spicy Chicken Burger
Kaprao Beef Rice
Kaprao Fish Rice
Kaprao Crispy Chicken Rice
Kaprao Pork Rice
Namtok Chicken Rice
Namtok Fish Rice
Namtok Pork Rice
Namtok Beef Rice
Cheesy Egg Bun
Fish Cheesy Egg Bun
2 pc. Pancake
3 pc. Pancake
2 pc. Pancake+Sausage
2 pc. Pancake+Scramble Egg
McChicken Porridge
McPork Porridge
Cheesy Spinach Pie
Strawberry Cheesecake McFlurry
Strawberry Cheesecake Sundae
Cheesy Dip
Hamburger (Beef) Set
Pork Burger Set
McNuggets Set
Chic Stick Set
Pepper Chicken Burger Set
Coffee Frappe 16 Oz.
Mocha Frappe 16 Oz.
Caramel Frappe 16 Oz.
Caramel Cream Frappe 16 Oz.
Chocolate Cream Frappe 16 Oz.
Dark Mocha Chip Frappe 16 Oz.
Mocha Chip Cream Frappe 16 Oz.
Green Tea Cream Frappe 16 Oz.
Strawberry Lemon Frappe 16 Oz.
Double Choco Frappe 16 Oz.
Strawberry Lemon Frappe 16oz. with Tumbler
Chocolate Cream Frappe 16oz. with Tumbler
Green Tea Cream Frappe 16oz. with Tumbler
Long Black 16oz. with Tumbler
Cappuccino 16oz. with Tumbler
Caffe Latte 16oz. with Tumbler