McDonald’s - McDelivery
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A La Carte & Set
Hello Kitty Food Tray with food
New! McShaker Fries Larb
40% Festive Set 1
40% Festive Set 2
Classic Angus Beef Burger
Big Mac (Beef)
Cheeseburger (Beef)
Deluxe Cheeseburger (Beef)
Double Big Mac (Beef)
McChicken (Chicken)
Triple Beef Cheeseburger (Beef)
McSpicy Chicken Burger (Chicken)
Filet-O-Fish (Fish)
Double Filet-O-Fish (Fish)
Samurai Pork Burger (Pork)
Double Cheeseburger (Beef)
6 pc. McNuggets (Chicken)
10 pc. McNuggets (Chicken)
20 pc. McNuggets (Chicken)
3 pc. Chic Stick (Chicken)
French Fries
6 pc. McWings (no spicy)
12 pc. McWings (no spicy)
4 pc. McWings (no spicy)