McDonald’s - McDelivery
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A La Carte & Set
Big Mac (Beef)
Cheeseburger (Beef)
Deluxe Cheeseburger (Beef)
Double Big Mac (Beef)
McChicken (Chicken)
Pepper Chicken Burger (Chicken)
Hamburger (Beef)
Pork Burger (Pork)
Triple Beef Cheeseburger (Beef)
McSpicy Chicken Burger (Chicken)
Filet-O-Fish (Fish)
Double Filet-O-Fish (Fish)
Chick n' Cheese (Chicken)
Samurai Pork Burger (Pork)
Double Cheeseburger (Beef)
6 pc. McNuggets (Chicken)
10 pc. McNuggets (Chicken)
20 pc. McNuggets (Chicken)
3 pc. Chic Stick (Chicken)
9 pc. Chic Stick (Chicken)
French Fries
6 pc. McWings (no spicy)
12 pc. McWings (no spicy)
4 pc. McWings (no spicy)
Fresh Salad
Ham Salad
Chicken Salad
Cheesy Dip
Classic Mayo Dip
Italian Dip
Fried Egg